Saturday, January 26, 2013

Candy Cane Rimmed Hot Chocolate

I started thinking about how margarita and martini glasses are rimmed but why isn't a hot chocolate mug ever rimmed?  So, my husband and I decided to see if there was something to this.

First, I pulverized a candy cane.

 On another plate, I put some chocolate syrup.
 I dipped the mug in the chocolate sauce and then in the candy cane dust.

Finally, I filled the mugs with the hot chocolate we had made stove top and put some marshmellows on top.  I also sprinkled a little more of the dust on top for extra sweetness.

Not sure why this isn't the norm because it was fantastic.  This will be how we serve our hot chocolate in the future! Yum!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Little Bundle of Joy

Oskar finally made his appearance on Thursday March 29, 2012.  He was 8 lbs 10 oz and 20.5 inches.  We are almost to the three week mark of having him in the world and are loving him to pieces.

Unfortunately crafting may take a backseat for a while :)
However, I am looking forward to all of the crafts I can do with him when he gets older! (Not to rush time too much!!!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Oskar's Nursery

With my due date rapidly approaching, we have been trying to get the nursery finished.  Between painting walls, refinishing furniture and decorating it has been a process.  However, I think our overall vision of an Antique Car Nursery came through well with Oskar being able to use this room both as an infant and into toddlerhood.

Here is the room before:

And here is the room now:

Paint choices:
Above chair rail: Gravity by Valspar
Below chair rail: Lava Gray by Olympic
Desk, Dresser and chair: Emperor's Silk with Dark Wax by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Crib: Ikea 'Gulliver'
Bookshelf: Ikea 'Billy'
Desk, Dresser and chair: Picked up from a neighbor's curb when they were making room for new furniture (was originally white until we refinished it, see makeover here)
Glider and ottoman: Bought from my husband's boss

Wall Art:
Antique truck: Hobby Lobby
Car signs: Antique store, Hobby Lobby and a coworker
Framed car pictures: photos taken by my husband, frames from Ikea

Crib Sheet and Mobile: VROOM by Lambs & Ivy at Buy Buy Baby

Play mat: Ikea 'Lekplats'

We can't wait for Baby Oskar to arrive in a few weeks and put the room to use!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Desk and Dresser Makeover

We actually picked up this furniture as our neighbors were walking it out to the trash.  They bought new furniture for their child and were getting rid of this set.  We didn't know what we would do with it at first but knew it would come in handy at some point!  It sat in our guest room for months and then when we found out I was pregnant we figured we would refinish it for our child's room.

(We had already taken out the drawers and started painting them before realizing we did not have a 'before' picture of the get the idea...)

We decided to do an antique car theme when we found out we were having a boy and decided to do the desk and dresser in red.  We were excited to finally get to try the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! 

We went with the color Emperor Silk and then antiqued it with the dark wax.

Since there is no prep work required with the ASCP we got right to painting! We had to keep the original handles on as they were embedded in a few of the drawers.  We chose to paint directly over them and give them a distressed look as well.  We did put new knobs on the drawers that had knobs though.

As you can see there was some brush strokes visible and we went back and forth on doing a second coat of paint.  We finally decided against it since we knew we were doing the antiquing and would also apply the dark wax.  

Once painted, you have to apply the clear wax before doing anything else.  It ends up acting as an eraser for any mistakes made.

After we applied the clear wax (brushed on a thin layer and buffered off the excess with a shop towel) we distressed the edges and corners with sandpaper.

Once everything was distressed to our liking, we applied the dark wax (same concept as before, brushed on and buffered off with a shop towel).  We were sloppy with the brushing on as we did not want it to look uniform.  On a side note, to our pleasant surprise we found out the furniture did not start out white.  When we distressed certain parts, such as the corners below, gold was exposed under the white.  It gave the distressed look a whole new dimension that we really liked!

The dark wax seemed to wipe off too much in certain areas and not quite enough in other areas.  Obviously we were able to apply more where needed and in the areas where there was too much you can apply the clear wax over the excess to use as an eraser.  

We finally achieved the look we were wanting and applied a layer of clear wax over everything one more time to act as a sealant.  

We allowed it to fully dry for almost a week before moving it into the house.  We finished this project at least six weeks ago and have not placed anything on top of either surface yet.  We still were not confident on putting anything on the top surface as it continued to feel the slightest bit tacky.  We ended up giving both pieces a coat of Cabot Semi-Gloss Polyurethane which seemed to make the difference!

We decided to line the drawers when I found this great paper that fit the theme of the room.  We cut out the appropriate sizes of paper, applied a layer of Modge Podge to the bottom of the drawer and placed the paper in the drawer going from one side to the other.  We smoothed out any bubbles as we went and once everything was lying flat we applied a layer of Modge Podge to the top as a sealant.  

We also refinished this chair that came with the desk using fabric found at Hobby Lobby.
We are so pleased with the way it turned out and can't wait to put it to use!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

I was sick a few weeks ago and being pregnant I am so limited on what I can take, so I had been using the most natural options (humidifier, netti pot and chicken noodle soup!)

I didn't want to have to mess with chicken bones so I made my own impromptu version... warning: this was a trial by error attempt but turned out great!

Here is what I used:

4 chicken breasts cubed
1/2 bag of baby carrots chopped
4 stalks of celery chopped
1/2 a yellow onion diced
3 chives chopped
Small handful of cilantro chopped
2- 32 oz containers of chicken broth
Salt, pepper and italian seasoning to taste
1 teaspoon of minced garlic
8 cups of water
16 oz box of Galletti pasta (this is by Giada de Laurentiis and looked fun)

First, I put the chicken, minced garlic, chives and cilantro in a dutch oven with enough chicken broth to cover the bottom of the pot.  I let all of that boil over high heat until the chicken was cooked, stirring occasionally.
Next, I reduced the heat to medium-high and added the onions.  I let that go until the onions were mostly translucent.

Then, I added the rest of the chicken broth and the carrots.  It returned to a boil and I let it simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes.
I added the celery and water (which I increased the amount of as I went because I wasn't happy with the original broth to vegetable/chicken ratio and didn't want the pasta to take up even more space).  I also added more salt, pepper and italian seasoning at this point as I did not want it to be bland with how much water I ended up adding.  I increased the temperature to medium-high again and waited for it to return to a boil.
I added the pasta and let it boil for 15 minutes.
Overall, I think it turned out great.  It was time consuming as it took about 30-45 minutes to prep everything and then probably 45-60 minutes to be completed once it started cooking in the dutch oven.  It was completely worth the wait though, as I had a bowl and a half once it was done and it was only 10 am :)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Pregnancy Journey

Here I am, now less than three months from holding our first child, a baby boy, in my arms.  Pregnancy has been such an interesting experience.  I have been very lucky overall with no nausea or sickness and a fairly smooth ride, other than extreme fatigue in my first trimester.  However, nearly 30 pounds heavier and nearing the end, my pregnancy has recently taken a toll.  From swollen feet and ankles to my pelvis/low back recently locking up a lot to not sleeping well, I look forward to being as active as I previously was before pregnancy and just feeling normal again!  It is hard to complain at all though, as I know many others who have had much more difficult pregnancies.

Here are a few pictures of my journey (most of these were transferred from my phone so may be a little blurry):

We texted this picture to our families and asked them if they could skype when we made the announcement we were pregnant

This is approximately 18 weeks

Approximately 21 weeks~ I made this shirt to where to the marathon my husband did in November.  This was also the picture I used to 'announce' the pregnancy on Facebook.

21 weeks

End of 23 weeks

27 weeks~ with a friend that is approx 16 weeks (quite a difference I would say!)

Looking forward to the next few months.  The anticipation of when he will actually arrive, how long will labor take and how will we do as new parents continues to build inside me.  No matter what, my husband and I are very excited for this next life stage and can't wait to meet our little bundle of joy!

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