Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finished First Project!

Continued from "My First Project" February 17, 2010:

So once the hydrangea were dried, I was ready to assemble the final product.  I found cardstock in colors that I liked and then cut them down to the appropriate sizes according to the frames.  I decided what arrangement of flowers I wanted for each color paper and frame as well as what direction the frames would go.  Then, I glued the flowers on to the cardstock, using tweezers to transfer the delicate dried flowers.  (*Note* I used a glue stick because it was what I had handy however I'm sure liquid glue would have gone a little faster and worked even better)

Then I simply put the flower arrangements into the frames I had spray painted previously.  

Finally, I hung the frames on the wall in the pattern that I thought looked best.

I used the eggplant calla lilies to form an "S" for the first letter of our last name, otherwise I just arranged the flowers how I thought they looked pretty.  The heart was a little difficult to form but I think you can tell what it is :)  Anyways, I think it turned out good and this will be a great way to remember our wedding day by looking at our flowers displayed.

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  1. These turned out so beautiful!!! They look GREAT!! I love the heart shaped one!! Thanks for this blog!!!!


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