Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first project!

During the planning process for our wedding, I searched through A LOT of bridal magazines looking for creative things to do that could make our wedding unique and personalized.  I think we pulled it off with the details we put into the day.  We had so many positive responses on the personalized details we included, all DIY.  

One of the things that I really liked when I came across it, was this great idea of preserving your wedding flowers in a different way.  This is out of a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.

I love the untraditional way this preserves your flowers and ends up looking like great artwork!  

Project Part 1:

First you must dry the flowers right away.  I had eggplant and white calla lilies, white hydrangea and green hypercium.  

The hydrangea were pretty much finished that night, they wilt very easily.  I was able to dry the remaining flowers the next day (on newspaper in between heavy books for approx two weeks).  However, we were packing and then moved shortly after getting married so they sat longer than I originally planned.  Here is what they look like dried:

My husband was thoughtful enough to include the white hydrangea with the red and white roses he brought home for me on Valentine's Day.  So, I am drying them now.  Once those are done I can move forward to the next step.  For now though, Part 2 can be done.

Project Part 2:

Next is the frames.  Yes, you can just go buy matching frames that you like.  I, on the other hand, wanted a more DIY look.  At our wedding we had the names of the people sitting at each table listed in a wooden frame.  The frames were all 5x7 and wooden however all varied slightly as we bought them over a series of visits to Goodwill.  Since the frames were also from our wedding, I wanted to include them in this project.  To match our room though, I needed to paint them ivory.  

Now, I have ZERO painting experience until we bought this house.  We ended up painting two rooms, a bathroom and putting epoxy finish on the garage floor.  Most of it went pretty smoothly however one room took much more primer than expected and it was exhausting!  I plan on refurnishing a piece of furniture in the future so I had read several blogs talking about the process...These were picture frames.  I just need spray paint, right?  Wrong, I think.  

I bought Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Satin Ivory:

I did nothing to the frames prior to applying several light coats over an hour.  It says if another coat is needed, it must be done within an hour or after 24 hours.  After running out of the spray paint, I figured I would just wait the 24 hours to apply more.  The next day I purchased another can and started spraying.  As soon as I sprayed the first frame, it reacted differently.  It was as if the new paint was rejected by the old paint.  But it was too late now...might as well spray them all!  In the end, I was pleased with the result.  It wasn't what I was initially aiming for but it gave it a shabby chic look that I liked.

So now I'll just wait for the hydrangea to dry and then I'll show you how the next step progresses!

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