Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pillow Cover With Ribbon Flowers

I've had this bright colored pillow for a long time but haven't had it out because it just don't go with the look of any of our rooms.

Well I decided to make a cover for it today so that it could have a place somewhere.

The previous covers I did were button covers and worked well so I figured I would do that again but add a little something extra.  I wanted to try some of those ribbon flowers to put on it.  

I made the cover the same way I did the first time: .  Except this time I added the flowers.  

First, I had to sew on the stems.  I did them by hand because the thick thread I was using wasn't wanting to participate in the sewing machine.

I made three stems.  Next I made the ribbon flowers.  I cut a circle with the extra fabric I had.  Then I sewed the ribbon on, folding it as I came to the turns.

I think they came out great and were a lot easier to do than I expected.

Next I sewed them to the fabric so that I didn't have to deal with glue.

Then I finished sewing together the front and back of the pillow cover as I did in the previous post.

I think it turned out good but there was one negative.  Sewing the flowers on the fabric, raised the fabric slightly when I was pinning the edges before sewing the cover together.  It made one of the corners end up a little uneven...Oh well, maybe no one would notice if I wouldn't have said anything :)  My lesson learned for next time!

What do you think?

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