Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recipe Review

  My coworker told me about these Cinnamon Roll Pancakes from that I just had to try.  And boy was it worth it!  The recipe was easy to follow and did not take very long to make.  The cinnamon sugar filling was easy to apply to the pancake and it looked so pretty while cooking.  I will say that it is easy to get a little impatient when waiting to flip the pancakes over though.  You cook the pancakes on medium-low heat and don't flip them until the bubbles that appear on top begin to break.  However, that feels like it takes a while!  Her tip about carefully flipping the pancake is very true, as flipping them too quickly will spatter the cinnamon sugar mixture once it hits the griddle.
  It was difficult to get the cinnamon sugar filling as beautifully crusty as it was in her pictures, but it is possible that we didn't leave them there long enough (that whole impatient thing again...).  I'd still say ours came out pretty good though.  We did have to heat the cream cheese icing in the microwave for a few seconds right before putting it on top of the pancakes as it had begun to get a little stiff from sitting while the pancakes were cooking.  Otherwise we had no real issues making these.

  The pancakes had great flavor and tasted exactly like a cinnamon roll.  The crunch from the cinnamon sugar filling mixed with the fluffiness of the pancake was a great combination.  They were very indulgent!  In fact, both my husband and I commented that the cinnamon roll pancakes will have to be an infrequent treat.  Can't have too much of a good thing, right?....or is that usually interpreted differently :) 



  1. Oh yeah! Glad they turned out great for you guys. Once in a while treat for us as well :)

  2. oh geez, my mouth is watering now. These are a MUST TRY.


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