Thursday, March 31, 2011

Running and Crafting

  My husband and I ran our second half marathon together (my fifth half in total) this past Sunday.  We started really strong and were on track to beat my best time (he is A LOT faster than me, but has been kind enough to run with me for two events now).  Then around mile 8, I started to break down.  The low grade inclines the first several miles were getting to me and my stomach was upset from the GU (a runner supplement) and Cytomax.  I started to slow down and ended up eliminating the lead we had on my time.  In the end we crossed the finish line to the minute that I have crossed the finish line three times before...2 hours and 38 minutes.  I was pleased to have finished, as always, however was so disappointed that I couldn't dig a little deeper to finish just one minute sooner.  Now I'm determined to do another so I can prove that I can beat my time.

  We've taken the last few days off and now I find I am getting antsy to start running again.  I found that during this training I was able to distract myself easier than I have in the past.  Since starting this blog, I have constantly been thinking of new projects to take on.  Running allowed me time to clear my head and focus on whatever I wanted.  I found that several of my ideas occurred during this time.  I guess that's why I am so anxious to get back to running.  It was nice to creatively think without being disrupted by daily surroundings.

  Who would have thought that running could bring more of my creative side out?!


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