Thursday, April 28, 2011

Embellished Nightstand

I've had these old Target shelves for several years now.  When we moved into the new house a few months ago, our intention was to find some unique nightstands that complimented our bedroom without being too much like a normal room set.  We had been using these to keep our stuff on and one day I walked into the room and thought, "let's just make new nightstands out of these". My husband was all-in!
Since they were already white we did not prime them, just sanded them down well.  Then we painted them.

My husband was clever enough to also spray the tabs that hold the shelf in place.

(as a side note, these should have been primed or sealed because the paint did chip off when the shelf was put in place and then later moved up a level.  You can't see it though, so I didn't worry about it.)

Once dry, my husband (is the artist, not me!) hand painted on a leaf pattern up the side, wrapping on to the top of each night stand.
Some paint accidentally dripped on to a spot that was not to be painted.  After trying to wipe it up, it ruined the paint (see spots on right below).  So he improvised and added another vine and more leaves.

Here are the two of them after being hand painted.
Finally they were sealed.
I added a storage bin to each shelf, as I prefer organization :)  And here is the one on my side finished!


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  1. So great Heather! You are the next Miss Mustard Seed!

  2. I am seriously beginning to think that spray paint is the best invention ever. Great job!!

  3. Nicely done, spray paint rocks! Love the leafy vines you added too. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog.I'm following you now. Hugs P.S. I'm having a giveaway at my blog to win a pretty dress, I hope you'll stop by and enter.


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