Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cork Board "Run"over

I've had this basic corkboard for years.  It has served it's purpose of holding/displaying things however has always been an eyesore.

Today I finally did something about it!

Most recently it was being used to display a few pictures.  I knew I wanted a way to hang the medals my husband and I have received from running races, as well as a place to display the pictures from those races.  First, I painted the border white.  I also painted these decorative wooden dowels that I would later attach to the sides for the medals.

Then I stenciled "Run Baby Run" on the top of the board in Saffron Yellow.

While that was all drying, I cut a piece of a white Ikea curtain that we used in our wedding reception (we had nine curtains that I have nothing to do with yet).  I sized it by pinning it to the inside of the board and then cutting around the edges.

I took the piece of fabric back off, trimmed the edges a little more and ironed it.  I Modge Podge'd the corkboard and then put the fabric on.  I smoothed the whole surface down and tried to push the edges under the frame.

Once that was smoothed down, I hot glued twine along the edges. (I don't have a picture of that).

Next, I hot glued the dried wooden dowels to the sides of the corkboard.

I hot glued twine around the base of each wooden dowel.

Here is the way it looks after I finished with it:

And here it is hanging on the wall:

And finally serving it's new purpose:
Much better, I think!

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