Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover

There is a lot of laundry room makeovers in Blogland and I can understand why.  Ours (as I'm sure most others are) was a boring space. So, we changed it!



We painted stripes on the cabinets, added oil rubbed bronze cabinet handles (from Lowe's), put the liquid detergent in a stylish blue drink dispenser (from Target) and added more storage with blue and brown storage containers (from The Container Store).

First, I worked on the 'L'.  I found scrapbook paper that I liked and traced the L onto the section I wanted and cut it out.  I modge podged the paper to the L.

Then I modge podged twine onto the edges of the L. After that, I covered the entire thing in a layer of modge podge to seal it.

Meanwhile, my husband worked on the cabinets.  He first printed out the 'aundry' in the font we wanted.  He transferred it on to the cabinets by coloring the back of the letters with heavy pencil where he wanted the transfer and then traced the letters from the front.

Then he painted the letters.  Next he taped off where the stripes were going to be.

He painted the small stripe a shade of blue and the larger stripe a shade of brown which he created.

The unfortunate thing was, when he pulled the tape off the brown peeled.  Since he didn't have enough of that same shade, he had to create a new brown and do it again.

After everything dried, we assembled it all.  I transferred the detergent to the dispenser and it has worked really we so far.  We did drill a small hole in the lid of the dispenser to help with the flow of the detergent.  The storage bins gave us more room and cleared up some of the space in the cabinets.  Overall, I'd say we are very happy with the way it turned out.  We would like to replace the old light but haven't done it yet.  Long term, I'd also like to replace the linoleum in the laundry room but that is not high on the priority list right now!

Detail shots:

And again, the AFTER picture:



  1. Perfect! I love how you two worked together! Does he do laundry too?

  2. LOL, Terri! Yes, as a matter of fact he does! :)


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