Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Detail Series: DIY Entrance Tables and Centerpieces

Our theme was wine, so for our table numbers we collected wine bottles and removed the labels.  We then made our own labels with each table number and the names of the guests at that table.  We set them up in and around  two wine crates at the table before you entered the reception room.

At each table, we had a picture frame with the coordinating table number and names associated with that table. We wanted our wedding to feel intimate despite there being 113 people in attendance.  One way for us to initiate that was to put random facts (named Food for Thought) about the people at each table on the framed table numbers. ***On a side note, we wanted each table to be slightly unique.  We went to Goodwill several times over a few months, purchasing different frames (all in the same wood tone), 5x7 for the tables and 8x10 for the instructional pieces.  We also purchased various vases in different shapes and sizes to put as the centerpieces at each table (see below).
People really seemed to enjoy this part.  It was fun to share if they knew everyone at the table and learned a little about others if they didn't know someone at their table.  We received a lot of positive feedback about this detail.
The centerpieces on the table with the table numbers, was a glass vase (in various shapes and sizes) filled with corks we had collected over the previous year (as well some donated from friends and family) and a candle.  We ended up with thousands of corks!  We did not use them all for the centerpieces and are still trying to repurpose them (see other cork projects under the Completed Projects tab).  Surrounding the centerpiece was a vine wreath and grapes (in green and purple, in a variety of sizes dispersed throughout the tables).

The last piece at each table was our favors.  We made (yes we homemade hundreds of heart-shaped cookies a few days before our wedding) Swedish Ginger Snap cookies, Pepparkakor, using my husband's family recipe.  We purchased the bags they are in online and then made Thank You labels with our wedding date.  We also folded the napkins in a heart shape to coordinate with the cookies.  Again, yes we folded and ironed the napkins into the heart shapes...our caterer was going to charge us extra, per napkin to do this so we decided we could... :)  How we had time for anything else that week, I don't know!

Also at the front entrance was a table for sign-in.  We knew we would never look at a traditional guest book.  So, we decided to do a wedding guest quilt.  We had guests sign a square of fabric (which we pre-cut) with a fabric marker.  We made the center of our quilt as an example to display using pieces we had some of our family and friends do beforehand.
We printed our logo and wedding date on transfer paper and ironed it on to our center piece of fabric.  From there we arranged and sewed together our squares of fabric (with a lot of help and direction from my mother-in-law~ Thanks Kathy!).
On that table with our wedding guest quilt sample, we had a basket for blank pieces of fabric, a basket to put the signed pieces of fabric and fabric pens.  Otherwise, the table was decorated with a canvas of one of our engagement photos sitting on a winecrate which covered the projector displaying our slideshow on a screen behind the table.

Whew! That was a lot of information!  As I write all of this, I am again shocked that we put in this much time and effort.  However, I wouldn't have changed a thing.  We loved the way everything turned out and had so many compliments on the details we put in!

Project details:

Wine bottles~ Collected by us, friends and family; labels stripped
Wine bottle labels~ Blank labels purchased at Office Depot and then created and printed by us at home
Crates~ Free from liquor stores, just by asking
Corks~ Collected by us, friends and family
Picture frames~ Purchased at Goodwill for $.97-1.50 each
Paper for frames~ Purchased at PaperSource
Background paper in instructional frames~ Purchased from World Market
Vases~ Purchased at Goodwill for $1-2.97 each
Vine wreaths~ Purchased at Ikea on sale for $2 each
Fake grapes~ Borrowed from a friend, I think purchased from Hobby Lobby on sale
Candles~ Purchased from Ikea for $9.99 for a 5 pack of multi-sizes
Cookies~ Homemade
Favor bags~ Purchased online from www.clearbags.com $10 for 200 bags 
Favor labels~ Blanks labels purchased from Office Depot and then created and printed by us at home
Fabric for wedding guest quilt~ Hobby Lobby
Transfer paper for iron on logo~ Hobby Lobby


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Details Series: DIY Stationary

My husband is an industrial designer and is really good with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator otherwise DIY Save The Dates, Invitations, Programs and Thank You cards may not have been possible.

For the Save The Dates we set up our camera on a tripod and took several shots in different areas.  We new which direction we were going right away: wine themed.  We choose the picture we liked best and went with Vistaprint online to make them for us.  My husband overlaid all of the text we wanted on the Save The Date picture and once we had a final proof we uploaded it to Vistaprint's site and let them do the rest. They were large postcard size and included our wedding website where people could find all of the information they needed about the upcoming wedding.

Next came the invitations.  We decided to make our own after we were unable to find anything we truly liked,  for the right price.  We went to Paper Source and asked A LOT of questions.  We purchased all of the supplies we needed once we somewhat settled on the design we were looking for.  Then the fun part began!  We spent HOURS cutting, gluing, assembling and embellishing our invitations.  **This is the only downside with DIY, it is very time consuming sometimes!

We cut handmade paper into strips and unattached it on the underside of the front flap (where the actual invite would sit over the attachment seam).  We had a stamp of our logo made online, stamped a 2x2 square which we cut out with scrapbook scissors, sprinkled clear embossing powder over the still wet brown embossing ink and then heated each one.  We did the same process with the gold vines, which my husband hand drew on every invitation, except we used an embossing pen followed by gold embossing ink.

Besides the invitation, there were three cards inside.  A reception card, a response card and a 'related' card which gave additional info needed.

On the back of each invitation, I wrote "Handmade with Love" with a gold pen.

Here I am actually cutting out the 'Thank You' stickers that we put on the favor bags. (Future post)

We lined each envelope (using a envelope lining stencil) with a gold leaf pattern paper, which we also used in the frames we used for finding your table number and signing our wedding guest quilt (to be posted in a future post).

Next came the programs.  We printed them vertically on ivory stock card using the same style we used in the invitations.  Inside, we listed the ceremony details and wedding party information.

Finally came the Thank You cards.  We kept them pretty basic, printing them two to one piece of ivory card stock and then cutting them out.  They had our logo and "thank you".

We loved that everything was personal and carried the same theme.  It was a ton of work though, so I'm not sure I would recommend this to just anyone!

All paper products and materials for embossing were purchased at PaperSource.  
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