Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wedding Detail Series: DIY decorations

**This post should have been posted the first week of October however my computer died.  It took a few weeks to determine that we could not repair mine and get a new one.  So here we go, nearly a month later :)

The final touches to personalize our wedding was an assortment of decorations.

First, the chapel (built in the early 20th century) had enough character that we did not feel that we needed to do much.  We weren't huge fans of the all wooden arched alter though and thought we could spruce it up a bit.  I found a picture in a magazine of this flower "curtain" that had hundreds of flowers strung on to string, or ribbon, and all hung side by side.  It was beautiful, unfortunately I was unable to find that picture to show you my inspiration and couldn't find anything like it online.  Anyways, when I showed it to the florist she said that piece alone would cost thousands of dollars.  Something we weren't willing to spend as the only other flowers we planned on having would be the bouquets.  We finally decided to do a version of the flower curtain with thicker ribbon and one flower at the end of each ribbon all strung at different lengths to give the illusion that it took up more space.

The florist attached an ivory rose to the bottom of each ribbon, which was cut at different lengths.  She also made a loop at the top of the ribbon to fit over a pvc pipe that we had cut to the appropriate lengths and wrapped in the same ribbon.  It did not cover the entire walls of the alter but did give the overall effect we were looking for.

At the reception hall, they had set up all of the tables, chairs, white linen tablecloths and the tulle/lighting around the dance floor.  We then put all of the green and brown overlays on the tables, set up the centerpieces, set out the heart folded napkins and cookie favors and hung curtains in the arch way of the entrance.

After: Daytime
After: Nighttime (looking opposite direction)
Outside Entrance: Before
Outside Entrance: Curtains Hanging

One of our favorite additions was our clothesline of photos.  Again, we wanted to make our wedding and reception feel as intimate as possible.  The other way we incorporated this was by having a photo of every one of our guests on the clothesline.  We had a clothesline that was specific for my guests and one for my husbands', however some people did overlap on both :)  
Picture of each of the letters in our names with corks to hang on the clothesline.

Below the picture clothesline, sat a table with pictures dedicated to our parents and grandparents wedding photos.

  The chapel was so quaint, the reception hall looked beautiful all lit up at night and we received so many compliments on the way that everything was decorated that it made all of our work worth it!



  1. I really adore this Wedding Detail Series and the DIY decorations that you have explained in this series are totally amazing. I am also getting married at some local wedding LA venues. The venue is quite grand and I was getting confused for the décor but you have helped me a lot.

    1. Great! We got so many compliments on the details we had done. Simple yet impactful. Best of luck for your upcoming wedding!


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