Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Pregnancy Journey

Here I am, now less than three months from holding our first child, a baby boy, in my arms.  Pregnancy has been such an interesting experience.  I have been very lucky overall with no nausea or sickness and a fairly smooth ride, other than extreme fatigue in my first trimester.  However, nearly 30 pounds heavier and nearing the end, my pregnancy has recently taken a toll.  From swollen feet and ankles to my pelvis/low back recently locking up a lot to not sleeping well, I look forward to being as active as I previously was before pregnancy and just feeling normal again!  It is hard to complain at all though, as I know many others who have had much more difficult pregnancies.

Here are a few pictures of my journey (most of these were transferred from my phone so may be a little blurry):

We texted this picture to our families and asked them if they could skype when we made the announcement we were pregnant

This is approximately 18 weeks

Approximately 21 weeks~ I made this shirt to where to the marathon my husband did in November.  This was also the picture I used to 'announce' the pregnancy on Facebook.

21 weeks

End of 23 weeks

27 weeks~ with a friend that is approx 16 weeks (quite a difference I would say!)

Looking forward to the next few months.  The anticipation of when he will actually arrive, how long will labor take and how will we do as new parents continues to build inside me.  No matter what, my husband and I are very excited for this next life stage and can't wait to meet our little bundle of joy!

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