About Me

  I spent the end of 2009 and the majority of 2010 planning my wedding with my fiance (now husband). 

Once we were married, October 9, 2010, we found out that despite the stress of planning we had really enjoyed the process!

 In December 2010, we bought our first house. 

Now that things have slowed down I have been looking for fun things to occupy my free time. Now we are expecting our first child in March 2012.  Preparing the nursery has been a fun project and I look forward to all of the fun projects I can do with our future son.

He's Here! Our first child, Oskar, arrived March 29, 2012.

 This blog will be my opportunity to find out if there is a particular creative project that I am best at. I am looking to see what my strengths and weaknesses are in the creative world. Hopefully my blog about the trials and errors of new recipes, DIY projects and more, can be as inspirational to you as other blogs have been to me!

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