Sunday, April 3, 2011


This should have been fairly straight forward, however it didn't quite go as well as I expected.

A friend told us how well homemade hashbrowns turned out for them so we decided to give it a try.

First I peeled the potato and then grated it over a cheese grater.

I had the griddle on Medium heat (because I thought that is what my friend said to use) and lightly coated with Pam.  I separated the potatoes into two portions to make it easier to flip.  I seasoned each with salt and pepper.
I waited until the potatoes were getting translucent and the edges were brown (maybe 5-10 minutes).  Then I flipped them.

I waited the same amount of time on the other side however when I flipped them, they didn't look as pretty.
(Not sure what happened to this side).
I flipped them back on to this side again however it didn't seem to do much of a difference.  Since they appeared done after a few minutes, we served them up since everything else was done.

I didn't think the hashbrowns turned out very good but my husband said he really liked them, so I gave him my portion too.  However, we served them with some breakfast tacos (eggs, salsa and homemade guacamole) which were GREAT! :)

Any suggestions on making these better would be greatly appreciated!  


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  1. you have to squeeze out any water, so they are really dry, and also use enough fat (butter or oil) to 'fry' them with. a squirt of pam won't cut it.


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